Behind the Lens

All I want is to tell stories. Important, beautiful stories about others. For a while I thought I had to be on stage to make this happen, but then I found photography. When the pandemic struck, my career as a dancer and performing artist was put on hold. I had been living and working in New York City, and suddenly found myself back home in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a lot of time on my hands, and an insatiable itch to keep creating art. I picked up a camera and started capturing life around me.


During my years studying dance at the University of Michigan, and in my three pre-pandemic years in NYC, I spent quite a bit of time in front of the camera. The more I created in front of the camera, the more curious I always became about exploring art from the other side of the lens. Dance will always be my first love, but sitting still and being able to capture movement and life in those around me has opened an entirely new channel for me. 

Tracking movement through a lens, I aim to bring out the best in you by capturing your raw essence and spontaneous emotions - whether or not you identify as a dancer. We all have bodies with movement living inside us, and even still portraits can tell beautiful stories. I want you to feel confident in being the centerpiece in your own life! Let's be vulnerable and generous with our spirits, and create some real life magic. 


Featured work

Claire's work has been featured in the album art for singer-songwriter Joshua Logan Alexander. Joshua's music can be found on Spotify and other streaming platforms.